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The Early Prophets

This page contains Rabbi Freedman’s new series on the Early Prophets, originally published in the United Synagogue’s Daf HaShavuah. Starting with the book of Joshua, the series contains a short summary of each section with an in-depth analysis on a particular aspect of the story.

The Book of Joshua – ספר יהושע

Description Perakim
Entering the land and the story of Rachav 1-2
Crossing the Jordan 3-4
National Bris Milah 5
The Conquest of Jericho 6
Defeat at Ai and Achan 7-8
Gibeonites 9
Southern and Northern conquest 10-11
Division of the land 12-19
Levite cities 20-21
Reuven, Gad and Menashe and Joshua’s farewell 22-24


The Book of Judges – ספר שופטים

Description Perakim
Conquest of Canaan 1
Period of the Judges 2-3
Devorah 4-5
Gideon 6-8
Avimelech and Yotam’s curse 9
The rise of Yiftach 10-12
The birth of Shimshon 13
Shimshon and the woman from Timnat 14
Shimshon and the Donkey’s Jawbone 15
Shimshon and Delilah 16
Michah’s idol 17-18
The Concubine in Gibeah 19
The fallout with the Tribe of Benjamin 20-21


The Book of Samuel I – ’ספר שמואל א 

Description Perakim
Hannah and Samuel 1-2
Samuel’s nevuah 3
Philistines defeat Israel and the ark is captured 4-5
The Ark is returned 6
The Monarchy begins 7-8
Shaul 9-10
Saul’s battles the Ammonites and Philistines 11-14
War with Amalek 15
The rise of David 16
David and Golias 17
David and Jonathan 18-20
Shaul wages war against David 21
Doeg’s treachery 22
Keilah and Saul’s remorse 23
Saul resumes his chase 24
Nahval and Avigail 25
David spares Saul 26-27
Shaul and the Necromancer 28
David and Tziklag 29-30
Death of Saul 31


The Book of Samuel II – ’ספר שמואל ב 

Description Perakim
After Shaul’s death and Ish-Boshes 1-2
Avner 3-4
Yerushalayim and the retrieval of the Ark 5-7
More wars of David 8-10
David and Beersheva 11-12
Amnon and Tamar 13
Avshalom 14
Rebellion of Avshalom 15-20
Gibeonites 21
David’s song of gratitude, last words, the census and his last altar 22-24


The Book of Kings I – ’ספר מלכים א

Description Perakim
David’s last days 1
David’s death bed 2
The wisdom of Solomon 3-4
Building of the Temple 1 5
Building of the Temple 2 6
Building of the Temple 3 7
Dedication of the Temple 8-9
Queen of Sheba 10
Solomon’s wives 11
Two kingdoms split 12
Yeravam’s evil 13
Rechavam’s kingdom falls 14
Succession of kings 1 15
Succession of kings 2 16
Eliyahu HaNavi 17
Eliyahu HaNavi and Har Carmel 18
Eliyahu flees from Izevel 19
Achav’s war with Aram 20
Achav, Izevel and Navot’s vinyard 21
Yehoshaphat and the death of Achav 22

The Book of Kings II – ’ספר מלכים ב

Description Perakim
Rebellion of Moav and Eliyahu’s intervention 1
Eliyahu HaNavi’s ascent to Heaven and the rise of Elisha 2
Yehoram 3
Elisha and the widow 4
Elisha and Naaman the leper 5
Aram tries to capture Elisha 6
Elisha guarantees plentiful food 7
The rise of Chazaheil 8
The rise of Yehu 9-10
Atalyah and Yoash 11
The child king, Yoash 12
Elisha’s last miracle 13
The kings of Judah and Israel 14-15
Achaz violates the Temple 16
Hoshea, the last king of Israel 17
Chizkiyah, king of Yehudah 18
Chizkiyah asks Yeshaya to pray for him 19
Chizkiyah’s illness and Yeshaya’s prophecy 20
Menasheh king of Yehudah 21
The righteous king Yoshiyahu 22
Yoshiyahu destroys idolatry in the land 23
Invasion of Nevudchadnezer 24
The conquering of Jerusalem and destruction of the Temple 25